Fall Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling Maintenance

The cold weather will be here before you know it. If not already done, now is the time to make sure your house and its’ heating system are ready for winter. Here is a brief checklist to guide you through some basic tasks before it is too late:


  • Drain exterior water lines and open taps (in cold areas).More details on this in October’s News Letter.
  • Insulate water lines that are subject to freezing.
  • Check the condition of the water heater.
  • Check plumbing system and fixtures for any evidence of water leaks.
  • Confirm proper operation of your sump pump, if present.
  • Check your drainage that receives water from the downspouts. If clogged, Rooter n Drains can clean them with high pressure water.


  • Check window wells, dry wells and storm drains for debris or blockage.
  • Repair any driveway cracks and/or heaved or settled walkways.
  • Trim all trees and shrubs that are too close to house.
  • Check (ideally during a rainstorm) for rainwater drainage away from foundation.
  • Clean and put away summer furnishings.


  • Check weather tightness of all exterior surfaces and components.
  • Check for deterioration of painted or finished areas. If too late for a full paint job, prime and touch-up bare wood surfaces.
  • Caulk and seal all joints in siding, around windows and doors.
  • Check and seal any foundation cracks.
  • Improve weather stripping at exterior doors and windows as needed.
  • Reset storms and screens where required.
  • Look for any signs of insect or pest activity around the foundation and wood components close to the ground.


  • Check for loose, damaged or missing roofing.
  • Check soffit for signs of moisture build-up or damage.
  • Check condition of chimney.
  • Check flashings for signs of lifting or damage and repair as needed.
  • Check and clean all gutters (eaves troughs) and downspouts.


  • Check ventilation openings for nests, or other blockage.
  • Check position and condition of insulation for uniform coverage.
  • Look for any signs of excessive moisture or heat buildup.
  • Check all areas for signs of roof or plumbing leakage.
  • Have fireplace or wood stove and flue checked and professionally cleaned.
  • Reset any automatic timers for change in daylight hours.
  • Check all smoke/carbon monoxide detectors. Replace batteries if over a year old.
  • Test Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters using built-in test button. For help with this, contact Metro’s Best Electric.


  • Clean all elements of the cooling system(s).
  • Remove (or winterize) room air conditioners.
  • Follow manufacturer instructions for the maintenance of your heating system(s).
  • Test and start humidifier, if present.
  • Change or clean heating system filters on warm air systems (now and regularly).
  • Check for any heating and cooling systems for any evidence of water leaks.
  • Have your heating system serviced annually by a qualified heating service person before each heating season to keep it functioning efficiently and properly.


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