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Earthquake Prepardness

The world has been rocked by a number of significant seismic events in the past five years, which have only increased public awareness of the need for protective services like earthquake valves. These special pieces of equipment are specifically designed to react to major seismic events in major earthquake zones and prevent the kind of devastating damage that comes not from the earthquake itself, but from the broken pipes, damaged service lines, and leaking gas that often occurs in the immediate wake of a major seismic event.

Utility companies in active earthquake zones recommend that their customers shut off their gas immediately after the shaking from an earthquake stops. This can be quite a challenge for many people, however, as they may be at work or unable to actually get to their gas meter from where they are currently located in their home. Additionally, damage may prevent them from actually accessing the gas meter to turn off gas service. A gas shut off valve takes care of this automatically.


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