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Are those clogged drains, leaking pipes, and tricky instructions for installing your water tank causing you grief? Contact Glenn today, for all your plumbing needs!

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Same Rates for Plumbing Services 7 Days a Week*

Although we have been a “7 day a week” company for years, it seems that there are still many who aren’t aware of this. Being available to our working families (which of course are the majority of you), has always been important to us.

No need to take time off.  Schedule a Saturday or Sunday call. We promise that you will get the same top notch service at the same price as any other day at $65.00 per hour.  No job too small and estimates are free of charge.

We are repair and installation experts and offer a free home service and safety check with every service call.

This service alone can save enormous repair bills as it has been shown that over 80% of water damage due to plumbing catastrophes could have been avoided with proper preventive maintenance.

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