Locally owned and operated since
1989 with 34 years of experience

Welcome to Petersen Plumbing

Petersen Plumbing offers plumbing service including hot water tank repair in and around Victoria, BC, Canada. We dedicate our efforts to perform QUALITY WORK in an organized, orderly manner completing projects on schedule while always trying to service our customers and building their trust and confidence in our abilities TO MAINTAIN A PROFESSIONAL ATMOSPHERE with the highest performance standards in our industry. Our successes are centered on the notion that great service requires strong and growing relationships with our clients, employees and suppliers.

Our Plumbing Services

    • Hot Water Tanks (Electric and Gas)
    • Instantaneous Water Heaters (Gas)
    • Remodelling, Renovations and Inspections
    • Sinks, Drains, and Faucets
    • Toilets, Including Low-flow and Dual Flush
    • Garbage Disposals
    • Dishwashers
    • Leak Detection (Water and Gas)
    • Water Piping (Repairs and Re-piping)
    • Gas Piping (Repairs and Re-piping)
    • Gas Appliances and Furnaces (Installations)
    • Drain Cleaning
    • Sewer Line Video Inspections

Are You Earthquake Prepared?

Earthquake gas shut off valve is installed down stream of the gas meter

The world has been rocked by a number of significant seismic events in the past five years, which have only increased public awareness of the need for protective services like earthquake gas valves and hot water tank support strapping.

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We have serviced Greater Victoria since 1989 with 34 years of experience. Our success for complete customer satisfaction is based on quality, prompt service with maximum savings to our clients. Originating in 1989 Petersen Plumbing has been providing the Greater Victoria ... [ learn more ]

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