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Harbour Towers Hotel

Petersen Plumbing has been tackling everything Harbour Towers had to offer from plumbing emergencies to repairs and renovations for the last 8 years. From repairing a leaking water pipe resulting in having to drain down the entire Hotel’s pressure water piping system in the wee hours of the morning while the Hotel is in full occupancy in order to facilitate repairs. Changing 240 toilets to the eco-friendly low flush while the Hotel was still in full operation to kitchen plumbing and gas repairs. There is never a dull moment at Harbour Towers Hotel and never an easy job why the maintenance staff at Harbour Towers Hotel calls us.

Harbour Towers Hotel boasts 194 rooms, 13‚000 square feet of flexible meeting and banquet space for up to 300 guests.


Below are references that the Harbour Towers Hotel left for me based on the many years service.
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